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About Spindles Woodturning - The Spindle Specialists

We have been in the woodworking business since 1995, making all sorts of spindles which have been incorporated into various kinds of furniture. Located in West Yorkshire, we are a family Wood Turning Company who can supply large or small amounts of spindles, bed posts, and kitchen pilasters. We are very flexible and will gladly turn any wood to your own designs as required.

From beds & tables to kitchens & fitted wardrobes, we understand the importance of wood turnings in designs to acheive the best results.

All our products are completed by hand or on our router lathe for barley twists and fluted work. As specialists in wood turning and being a family Spindle Company, we offer to work closely with you to accomplish quality results.

Dan completes the turnings by hand with no one else involved in the job, so you have the consistent level of excellence you expect. We use a wide variety of timbers for our Spindle Manufacture such as Pine, Oak, Beech, Maple, Sapele, and Cherry. We are happy to source more exotic timbers if required. We do bowl turn as well as inside out turnings as special gifts for people but we tend to concentrate more on staircase and furniture turnings to trade.

Our prices are competitive with bulk orders offering the best value for money.

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