Custom Woodturning for Homes, Business & Furnishings.

Perfectly designed and crafted to your specifications without comprise.

Our Custom Wood Turning service is regarded as one of the best in the industry. From custom newel posts for home projects to replacement spindles and wooden pillars; we are experts in handling your requests to match your detailed specification. We also create inside out turnings to really bring your design ideas to life.

Thinking spindles? Think location, not just staircase part

Custom wood turning enables you or your designer to integrate beautiful spindles in any part of your home – be it inside or outside your abode. Whether it’s a complete renovation or room redesign project, we shall create the desired spindles to match your existing woodwork in the home. Don’t have spindles or woodwork in your home? Talk to us about your ideas and we shall help bring timber into your design.

How easy is it for you to create a custom spindle designs?

You can literally draw something on a piece of paper and we can turn it into reality. We use our design expertise to help you realise your design; so do not worry if it is not a perfect drawing. After we are finished, you’ll be surprised that it is an exact match.

There are no limitations for your custom wood turning. From stair parts to bowls, custom wood turning allows you to create unique products designed exactly as you want it for your showroom or as a trade item. Our custom wood turning goes a bit further with an optional delivery service. We can also visit to look at the existing woodwork, to ensure that we can match it perfectly.